Gaming License In Curaсao

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What are the types of licenses?

There are two types of licenses in Curacao:

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How to get a license in Curacao?

Sometimes, it is very difficult to handle the paperwork on your own, so many operators ask for help from such companies as Slotegrator to get a license without any problems. If you use the services of such companies, you will not worry about being refused. But if you decide to deal with the process of obtaining a license without anyone’s help, then you need to make every possible effort. Despite the process of obtaining a gambling license in Curacao is simplified, you may face many difficulties. You should be legally qualified and attentive to details because you can get a reject if you make the slightest mistake. First of all, it is necessary to understand what you should do to legalize your gambling business in Curaсao. All you need to do is register your business as a legal entity, prepare documents for filing, submit an application and pay all fees. After you receive a positive response, your casino will be ready to launch.

What is the list of documents needed to obtain a Curacao license?

To register a company, you need to provide:

Why is it worth choosing a license in Curacao?

Today the gaming industry is developing rapidly, despite all the restrictions for this business. Therefore, you should seriously consider where to legitimize your online casino and protect your business. Curacao is the guarantor of the stability of the gambling industry and a member of such organizations as the International Gaming Council and the Curacao Internet Gaming Association. They represent the interests of the owners of the gambling business and also control their activities. Therefore, a license purchase on the island of Curacao is an ideal option for legalizing your business.

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To sum it up, we can note that Curaсao is a reliable provider of a gaming license. A Curacao license allows you to fully operate on the European market, and you don’t need to open an office on the island to conduct your business. Moreover, the online casino with such a license inspires confidence among potential players and means financial stability.




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